Young Women in Public Affairs Award winner 2023

This Award recognizes young women, ages 16-19, for demonstrating leadership skills and commitment to public service and civic causes and encourages them to continue their participation in public and political life.

We have pleasure in announcing our club recipient this year is MacKenzie Butler from Darfield School.

When we read her application we couldn’t wait to interview her, as she reflects everything the Award stands for.

She was presented with her certificate on March 6 at Kate Sheppard House; at an event very appropriate where we where celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8th). Along with the Award she received $500, and will go forward to District 16 selection for NZ nationwide and possibility to receive $5000US.

At School she had a significant input into creating an epiculture and commerce programme, started an all-girls football team, when she was told that only boys play that; actively involved in activities to do with mental health and well-being for young people and much more. Mackenzie is such a great role model to younger girls by demonstrating if you think you can you can.